Local relays win 4 races at the Tim Cook invitational

CHAMBERSBURG — The local track and field season got off to a wet start Saturday when the Tim Cook Invitational was held at Trojan Stadium.

But the rain left in plenty of time for some good performances and relays were a focal point for Franklin County teams — of the six relays, Chambersburg won three and Greencastle-Antrim was first in another.

Kate Etter

The Trojan girls ran at the front in two relays. The first final of the day was the 4 x 800 and the team of Lexi Boyd, Samantha Faust, Mady Koons and Camryn Kiser ran 10:27.27 to win.

The 4 x 400 team (Lashae Hang, Natalia Holmes, Olivia McCoy and Katy Weller) won in 4:21.48.

On the boys side, Chambersburg won the 4 x 100 in 44.74 with the team of Rhaigeon Parker, Tanner Meyers, Andy Jean and Antonio Harrison II.

Greencastle was the other relay winner, taking the boys 4 x 800 in 8:20.64 with the team of Kyle Baker, Dalton Noblit, Hayden Parks and Caden Hudson crossing the line first.

“I think we had a chance to win all three relays, and for the first weekend of the season, I thought they all ran well,” Trojan coach Chris Monheim.

Chambersburg had two other winners in girls events — Kiser raced to a time of 5:24.93 to win the 1600 and Kate Etter won the long jump with a leap of 16-0.75. Etter was also second in the triple jump, Holmes was the 100 runner-up and Ashley Gunkelman was second in the javelin.

Monheim said, “Overall, we had a pretty good day. Holmes, Kiser and Etter all had really nice days.”

The other local girls winner was James Buchanan’s Campbelle Dayley, who tossed the javelin 102-2 to take the gold medal.

Jermere Jones

In the highlight race, Shippensburg’s defending state champion in the 400, Jillian Sydnor, was upended by Spring Grove’s Laila Campbell, with Campbell clocking 58.86 to Sydnor’s 1:00.52. Campbell won the 100 and 200 at states last spring.

Runners-up for the girls were Piper Linn of Greencastle in the pole vault and Waynesboro’s True Benshoff in the 300 hurdles.

For the Trojan boys, Jermere Jones was the only individual winner, clocking 15.43 to win the 110 hurdles.

Chambersburg also had four runners-up — Joshua Mertz in the discus, Peter Mertz in the javelin, Harrison in the 100 and Ari Snyder in the 3200.

Trojan coach Bob Walker said, “I was pleased with our relays today and Jermere was outstanding with his gold and a 15.3 in the prelims. Ari is way ahead of where he was last year and the throws look strong.”

The Greencastle boys, in addition to the relay, had three winners on the boys side. Seth Stouffer captured the 1`00 in 11.23 and also took the 200 in 22.82, while Parks took the 3200 in 9:30.12.

Shippensburg’s Spencer Edey won the triple jump at 44-3.5 and was second in the long jump.

Tim Cook Invitational
4 x 800 relay — 1.Chambersburg (Lexi Boyd, Samantha Faust, Mady Koons, Camryn Kiser), 10:27.27; 5.Shippensburg (Frontino, Shope, Johnson, Bell), 10:27.27
100 hurdles — 3.Yosmary Cabrera Reyes (Chbg) 17.29; 4.True Benshoff (Way) 17.41; 7.Charlotte Rhodes (Way) 19.00; 8.Ella Fatyol (Chbg) 20.27
100 — 2.Natalia Holmes (Chbg) 12.78; 7.Jada Creager (Way) 13.64
1600 — 1.Kiser (Chbg) 5:24.93; 3.Koons (Chbg) 5:36.56; 5.Isabella Ruefle (Way) 5:45.49
4 x 100 relay — 3.Chambersburg (Holmes, Lashae Hang, Jahnaya Wimberley, Katy Weller), 52.93
400 — 2.Jillian Sydnor (Ship) 1:00.52; 6.Hang (Chbg) 1:00.30
300 hurdles — 2.Benshoff (Way) 49.31; 3.Cabrera Reyes (Chbg) 49.76
800 — 7.Faust (Chbg) 2:37.23; 9.Kali Hughes (Chbg) 2:39.65
200 — 4.Gracie French (Way) 27.93; 5.Alyssa Trn (Ship) 28.25; 6.Weller (Chbg) 28.28
3200 — 3.Boyd (Chbg) 11:56.60; 5.Abi Bricker (Chbg) 12:50.728.Kylie Bere (Way) 13:18.36
4 x 400 relay — 1.Chambersburg (Hang, Holmes, Olivia Coy, Weller), 4:21.48; 4.Waynesboro (Dockman, Peyton, Swanson, Ruefle), 4:31.52; 5.Shippensburg (Kalp, Trn, Buchheister, Sydnor), 4:33.72
High jump — 7.(tie) Kaitlynn Yeager (JB) and Dockman (Way) 4-610.Rhodes (Way) 4-6
Discus — 3.Bailey Hurley (G-A) 94-7; 4.Chelsea Bigham (JB) 89-10; 5.Abby Bucher (Chbg) 87-9; 8.Olivia Shank (Chbg) 85-0; 9.Katie Baker (Way) 84-4
Long jump — 1.Kate Etter (Chbg) 16-0.75; 5.Wimberley (Chbg) 15-3.75; 6.Samantha Lautenslager (JB) 15-2; 9.Jaylynn Schmuck (G-A) 14-11; 10.Victoria Kalp (Ship) 14-9.25
Javelin — 1.Campbelle Dayley (JB) 102-2; 2.Ashley Gunkelman (Chbg) 99-5; 3.Darcey Holdsworth (G-A) 97-6; 8.Bucher (Chbg) 84-6; 9.Acasia Beam (Ship) 82-1; 10.Catherine Sollenberger (G-A) 78-9
Triple jump — 2.Etter (Chbg) 33-4.75; 8.Ana Enfusse (Way) 30-9
Pole vault — 2.Piper Linn (G-A) 10-0; 4.Creager (Way) 9-6; 5.Buchheister (Ship) 9-6; 6.Cayce3 Elbin (Chbg) 9-0; 7.Dockman (Way) 8-6; 9.Emily Rensch (Chbg) 7-6
Shot put — 5.Gunkelman (Chbg) 31-6;

4 x 800 relay — 1.Greencastle (Kyle Baker, Dalton Noblit, Hayden Parks, Caden Hudson), 8:20.64; 3.Chambersburg (Aiden Alleman, Kaden Rife, Liam Kirkpatrick, Ari Snyder), 8:32.79
110 hurdles — 1.Jermere Jones (Chbg) 15.43; 6.Bill Harper (G-A) 16.75; 7.Xavier Rodrigues (Ship) 16.87
100 — 1.Seth Stouffer (G-A) 11.23; 2.Antonio Harrison II (Chbg) 11.43
1600 — 3.Alleman (Chbg) 4:40.77
4 x 100 relay — 1.Chambersburg (Rhaigeon Parker, Tanner Meyers, Andy Jean, Harrison), 44.74
400 — 6.Addison Bisbal (Chbg) 53.41; 7.Bryce Pattillo (Ship) 53.68; 8.Austin McCoy (JB) 54.18; 10.Hudson (G-A) 54.56
300 hurdles — 5.Rodriguez (Ship) 43.74; 9.Noah Valentine (Chbg) 44.71; 10.Harper (G-A) 44.88
800 — 3.Baker (G-A) 2:05.21; 4.Joseph Jacobs (Way) 2:05.29
200 — 1.Stouffer (G-A) 22.82; 6.Jaylon Bean (Way) 23.81; 10.Reid Getic (Ship) 24.42
3200 — 1.Parks (G-A) 9:30.12; 2.Snyder (Chbg) 9:48.22; 5.Jacobs (Way) 10:17.57; 7.Rife (Chbg) 10:34.50; 10.Logan Bohrer (G-A) 10:56.36
4 x 400 relay — 4.Chambersburg (Daniel Casagrandi, Benny Interiano, Gabe Putt, Bisbal), 3:41.01; 5.James Buchanan (Barnhart, McCoy, Yeager, Towns), 3:42.35
Triple jump — 1.Spencer Edey (Ship) 44-3.5; 3.Bean (Way) 41-5.75; 5.Austin McCoy (JB) 40-0.5; 7.(tie) Parker (Chbg) and Drew Chamberlin (Ship) 39-10.5
Shot put — 3.Sedrick Vessah (Chbg) 45-10; 4.Peter Mertz (Chbg) 45-5.25; 5.Aiden Horan (G-A) 42-10; 9.Ethan Fatyol (Chbg) 42-3
Long jump — 2.Edey (Ship) 21-3.25; 6.Tavon Cooper (G-A) 19-6.75; 8.McCoy (JB) 19-1.5; 9.Jones (Chbg) 18-11.5
High jump — 6.William Shaeffer (G-A) 5-8; 7.(tie) Alex Gasior (JB) and Grant Thompson (Way) 5-6
Discus — 2.Josh Mertz (Chbg) 142-7; 6.Isaiah Sleighter (Chbg) 128-1; 7.Derek Lynch (Ship) 123-3
Javelin — 2.P.Mertz (Chbg) 166-8; 3.Tanyon Shaull (Way) 155-10; 4.Conner Wright (G-A) 151-5; 9.Jude Grillo (Chbg) 129-10
Pole vault — 4.Shane Eshleman (JB) 11-0; 7.Brennan Goggin (JB) 10-6; 8.Ashton Botzan (G-A) 10-6; 9.Levi Tennison 10-0