Boys Soccer

Boy’s Soccer Roundup 9/5/19 Fulton/ FM

Southern Fulton 4 Northern Bedford 0

Loysburg, Pa. – Darin Reges scored a pair of goals and Tyler Youngblood and Luke McKelvey each netted goals to propel Southern Fulton (2-0, 1-0 ICC) to a 4 to 0 win over Northern Bedford. Caleb Elder had a pair of assists and Tyler Youngblood and Darin Reges each had an assist in the win. The Indians outshot the Black Panthers 23 to 6. Saves SF-5, NBC 20. Indian Coach Hervey Hann said, “We were a little slow in the first half with only 1 goal and 6 shots on goal. The second half showed much more passing which provided more shots on goal along with 3 additional goals. The second half, the boys played an excellent game and moved the ball to the open player. We missed what should have been 3 easy additional goals in the first half. Overall, I am very pleased with the defense in providing a shut out and only allowing 6 shots on goal.” Southern Fulton will travel to Everett on Saturday for a 2:00 start.

Fannett Metal 2 CVCS 1

Willow Hill, Pa.- Fannett Metal (2-0) defeated CVCS in non league competition. Tanner Siebert and Matt Peppernick each had a goal and an assist to lead the Tigers offense. Kenneth Holtt scored an unassisted goal for CVCS. Tiger Coach Tom Otis commented, “Our goalie and back four played extremely well to contain their top player, Kenneth Hott. Also, we took advantage of our set plays to get an early lead.” The Tigers will travel to St. James on Saturday for an 11:00 start.